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Becky  Spencer
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Class Activities

Unit 5 Week 1  
Activity Date: 12/10/2018

We are just starting our new unit, number 5 "Sunshine and Snowflakes".  This unit deals with the different seasons of the year and what we can expect from each season.  We will also be learning the months of the year.  



This week, (December 10th-14th) we will be starting to learn the sounds that each alphabet letter makes.  We are one step closer to becoming independent readers.  The letter sound for this week is "S".  The word and song for "S" is "Sizzling Sausage".


Please go over each ABC letter every time the homework bag comes home. We are working hard on recognizing and naming each letter.


We are working on recognizing our name in print.


We are working on opposite words such as "hot/cold", "up/down", "in/out....


We are working on rhyming words:  cat/hat, dog/log, rug/bug, pig/wig, hut/nut.....


Our next decodable book comes home this week. The title of the story is "A Firefighter".  Please let your child use his/her "reading finger" to read each word and picture word.  Be careful to tell the difference between "a", "the", "and", "in", "on","is".


Our new sight word is "is".



We are working on the recognizing and naming the following shapes:  circle, square, triangle, oval, diamond, rectangle, heart and star.


We are working on recognizing our numbers 1-15 and counting from 1-15.


We are working on making simple patterns.  Practice at home using two different colors and make a simple pattern.  Example: red, blue, red, blue.....




We are learning to write our first name.  Please remember that only the first letter is a capital letter.


We are learning to write the numbers 1-10.  Practice when you can!


We are learning to write the letters of the alphabet.  Keep practicing!




This week, start the book "A Firefighter".  When it comes home please let your child read the book to you and remind them to use their "reading finger".


Sight words to know:  a, the, and, in, on, is.


Letter sounds to know: s