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Mrs.  Cynthia  Bailey
Second Grade Teacher
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Week: December 10-14, 2018


Unit 3 , Lesson 3

Reading story:  Jalapeno Bagels               Genre: Realistic Fiction  

Author's Purpose: To entertain

Spelling Feature: Long i spelled _igh, i, i_e, _y, and _ie

Grammar: Commas in a series

Math:  Topic 12 - Fractions, Topic 5 - Money             

Spelling Words:  dry, tie, fight, why, tow, soap, below, bike, cone, oak, July, twilight, shallow, cocoa, thigh

Bonus words:  fact and opinion, author's point of view, commas

Reading vocabulary

1. culture - customs and beliefs of a group of people

2. international - having to do with two or more nations

3. ingredients - parts that go into a mixture

4. dough - mixture of flour, liquid, and other things that is usually baked

5. jalapeno - a small hot pepper

Decodable Book: Apple Up High

High Frequency Word: pull

Vocabulary Test: Thursday, December 13 (practice vocabulary words using the vocabulary match.)  Students must be able to read the definitions as well as the vocabulary words in order to match them.)

Spelling and Reading Tests: Friday, December 14 (Please help your child study his/her Spelling words and listen to him/her read the Reading story nightly.)

Please check your child's Homework Folder and Planner daily for Homework assignment and important messages.