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Mrs.  Cynthia  Bailey
Second Grade Teacher
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Week:  September 17-21, 2018

Unit 1, Lesson 3

Reading story: The Elves and the Shoemaker    Genre: Fairy Tale   Author's Purpose: to entertain

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

Spelling Feature: Long /o/ o and o_e, Long /u/ u, and u_e, Long /a/ a and a_, Long /i/ i and i_e

Grammar: Helping and Linking Verbs, Homophones - to/too/two, pair/pear, son/sun, hole, whole, won/one

Penmanship: Cursive lowercase i and t      Writing:  Write a fairy tale

Math:  Topic 4/Place Value Numbers to One Hundred      Social Studies: Citizenship

Spelling Words: label, vine, bonus, wild, gate, huge, zero, made, spoke, use, basic, program, usual, finest, caper   Bonus: sequence, fairy tale, fable, difference

Reading vocabulary

1. elves - a type of fairy

2.  shoemaker - someone who makes shoes

3.  flash - in an instant

4.  leather - material made from animal skin

5.  finest - nicest

Decodable Books: A Good Life at the Lake

High Frequency Words: another, many

Vocabulary Test: Thursday, September 20 (practice vocabulary words using the vocabulary match)  Students must be able to read the definition as well as the vocabulary word.)

Spelling and Reading Tests: Friday, September 21 (Please help your child study his/her Spelling words and listen to him/her read the Reading story nightly.)

Please check your child's Homework Folder and Planner daily for Homework assignment and important messages.