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Upcoming Events

November 21st-23rd - No School (Thanksgiving Break)
November 19th- Math MAP Test
November 28th - Reading MAP test
December 6th- Christmas Music Program  - GMS 6:30
December 20th - January 3rd - (Winter Break)


 Unit 3 Around the Town

Here's what we will be working on the week of November 26th

Reading Story: Unit 3 Lesson 1 ”Red Light, Green Light, Mama and Me”   Genre: Realistic Fiction


Feature: /ī/ spelled _igh, i, and i_e                                                               Author’s Purpose: To entertain


Grammar: Comparative Adjectives and Articles   Comprehension Focus Skill: Making Inferences


Math Skills: Topic 12 Fractions & Topic 5 Money  Social Studies: Goods and Services SOL 2.8, 2.9, 2.10


Spelling Words    Reading Vocabulary


1. pie        1. practice – to do something over and over again to gain a skill


2. night         2. public – open to everyone


3. fly            3. recognize – know from before


4. pile          4. automatically – working by itself


5. child        5. perched – stand sit or rest on a raised area


6. right 


7. shy                 High Frequency Reading Words


8. lie                        (to practice, not on test)


9. mice                   Decodable 25: light, work


10. try                    Decodable 26: myself, try, fly


11. recognize 


12. skyscraper  Extra Bonus Spelling Words  Cursive: lowercase g and q


13. style              1. dialogue  3. italics


14. knight            2. similes  4. setting


15. mighty 


Here's what we will be working on the week of December 3rd


Reading Story: Unit 3 Lesson 2 ”In the Money”    Genre: Expository Text 

Feature: Long o spelled _ow and oa_   Author’s Purpose: To Inform or Explain

Grammar: Capitalization Days, Months, Cities, & States

Math Skills: Money- Counting Collections up to $2.00 with dollars and coins. Comparing Values of coins.
Write values with appropriate symbols. Creating collections of coins to a specific value.

Spelling Words           Reading Vocabulary

1. stone               1. vault - used to store money or other things of value

2. loan                 2. withdrawals - money taken out of a bank account

3. grow                3. borrow - receive something with the understanding that
                                              it must be given back

4. boat                 4. employees - a person who works for a person or
                                                  business for pay

5. know                5. deposits - money added to a bank account

6. toad 

7. blow            High Frequency Reading Words

8. coat                   (to practice, not on test)

9. hello             Decodable 27: grown, own, show

10. show            Extra Bonus Spelling Words 

11. borrow           1. captions  3. mood

12. coast              2. capitalization 

13. below 

14. robot 

15. owe                Cursive: lowercase k and b


Here's what we will be working on the week of December 10th

Reading Story: Unit 3 Lesson 3 ”Jalapeno Bagels”  Genre: Realistic Fiction 

Feature: long i spelled _igh, i, i_e, _y, and _ie;  Author’s Purpose: To Entertain

Grammar: Commas: Items in a Series  Math Skills: Money & Topic 10   Social Studies: Economics

Spelling Words  Reading Vocabulary

1. dry            1. culture - customs and beliefs of a group of people

2. tie             2. international - having to do with two or more nations

3. fight          3. ingredients - parts that go into a mixture

4. why           4. dough - mixture of flour, liquid, and other things that is
                                   usually baked

5. tow           5. jalapeno - a small hot pepper

6. soap 

7. below           High Frequency Reading Words

8. bike                (to practice, not on test)

9. cone                 Decodable 28: pull

10. oak                    Cursive: Lowercase u and w

11. July 

12. twilight            Extra Bonus Spelling Words  

13. shallow            1. fact and opinion 

14. cocoa              2. author’s point of view 

15. thigh               3. commas

Here's what we will be working on the week of January 7th

Reading Story: Unit 3 Lesson 4 ”Out and About at City Hall”  Genre: Expository Text 

Feature: long u spelled _ew and _ue;  Author’s Purpose: Inform

Grammar: Subject and Verb Agreement  
Math Skills: Money Math (Creating values, Least amount of coins)


Spelling Words  Reading Vocabulary

1. cue              1. council -group of people who make decisions for a larger

2. hue              2. mayor -person who is the head of a city or town

3. few               3. elect -to choose by voting

4. music            4. cashier -person in charge of paying out or receiving money

5. pure              5. taxes -money that people or businesses must pay to
                                       support the government

6. value             6. routes -a road or other course used for traveling

7. mew 

8. cute        High Frequency Reading Words (to practice)
9. human          Decodable 29: no new words

10. rescue                                           Cursive: lowercase u and w

11. fury 

12. confuse  Extra Bonus Spelling Words  

13. view            1. conclusions 

14. skew          2. syllabication 

15. argue 

Here's what we will be working on the week of January 14th

Reading Story: Unit 3 Lesson 5 ”Grandpa’s Corner Store”   Genre: Realistic Fiction

Feature: Open and Closed syllables           Author’s Purpose: to entertain
Long vowels usually have open syllables   o/pen sta/ple
Short Vowels usually have closed syllables bun/dle cat/tle        

Grammar: Contractions                                     Social Studies: Ancient Egypt

Math Skills: Money – Creating Values

Spelling Words             Reading Vocabulary

1. open                      1. arrangement – a plan

2. humid                     2. tingle – a slight stinging feeling

3. until                        3. huddled – crowded together

4. person                    4. sharp - exact

5. cancel                     5. construction –building something

6. fuel                         6. aisles – space between rows

8.wagon                   High Frequency Reading Words
9.number           Decodable 30: today   (to practice, not on test)

10. minus 

11. continue 

12. dial  Extra Bonus Spelling Words         Cursive: lowercase v and y

13. united            1. prediction 

14. radio              2. character 

15. moment         3. persuade