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Cheryl  Sarver
First Grade Teacher
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First Grade News 

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Unit one: Back to School


September 4-24, 2018


During this unit we will be discussing concepts related to schools. We will compare our schools to schools in the past and schools in different countries. During this unit, take time to share your thoughts and ideas about schools with your child.


Sight Words: see, the, is, up, a, I, have, there, can, on, am, and, did, it, in, had, him, said, has, at. (There will be a quiz on these words at the end of unit one. These words need to be recognized and read quickly.)


Letter/Sounds: The following letters, sounds, and spellings will be covered in this unit:


·       consonants-- s, m, t, d, n, h, p, l, b


·       vowels—a, i, o


**Watch for worksheets completed in class so you can reinforce these at home.


Vocabulary: Week 1--uniform, discovering, science, staring, education Week 2--graceful, souvenir, educated, concentrate, Week 3—public, invented, college, supplies. These will be incorporated into discussions about our units. Try to integrate these words into conversations at home.


Thanks for everything you do at home! Cheryl Sarver




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