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Tami  Smith
Second Grade Teacher
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Weekly Lesson Plans 

Please check the Dudley website or our Twitter for all of our latest updates.

We will continue to collect BOX TOPS ....

Please remember, we begin our day at 7:45.  The children need to be unpacked and in their seats at this time.  When they come in after this time, it gets their day off to a bad start and they play catch up all day.


Reading Story: Unit 2 Lesson 1 ”Ants! They are hard workers”      Genre: Expository Text


Feature: /ë/ spelled ee, ea, e, e_e                                                        Author’s Purpose: To inform Grammar: Complete and Incomplete Sentences                           us of something new


Math Skills: Topic 8 2 digit Addition with regrouping


Spelling Words                                                          Reading Vocabulary


1. real                                                                         1. insects – six legged bugs


2. sleep                                                                       2. cocoon – case that protects the insect                                                                                                      while changing into an adult


3. we                                                                          3. tunnels – underground passageways


4. feel                                                                         4. enemies – person or thing that wants to                                                                                                              do harm to another


5. east                                                                         5. invade – to enter without invitation


6. green                                 


7. team                                                                       High Frequency Reading Words


8. belong                                                                    (to practice, not on test)


9. knee                                                                       Decodable 18: clean, eat, keep, please


10. clear                                                                      read, three


11. peach                                                                    Cursive: s and r                                           
12. cheese                                           Extra Bonus Spelling Words


13. please                                            1. descriptive


14. between                                        2. expository text


15. eagle                                              3. purpose



Our resource schedule will be:

                                      Day 1    Guidance

                                      Day 2    Library

                                      Day 3    Music

                                      Day 4    Gym

Parents:  Please make sure to check their homework and planner daily.  This is the best way for us to keep in touch on a daily basis.  Their behavior and homework is updated each day and will help us keep on top of things.


I am corresponding with many of you through REMIND also.  If you need the instructions to begin this wonderful communication tool, please let me know.              

My email address is: