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Week at a Glance 


Notes to Remember: 

Nov. Christmas Portraits

Nov. 21-23 Thanksgiving Break


Reading Story: Unit 2 Lesson 5 / "Tell Me, Tree"

Genre: Expository Text

Feature: long e spelled _ie, _y, ee, ea, e, and e_e;

Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

Math Skills / Topic 11: Solid Shapes

 Science/Social Studies: Native Americans

Comprehension Skill: Classify / Categorize


Spelling Words

1.  very

2.  germ

3.  cell

4.  civil

5.  chief

6.  funny

7.  thief

8.  rigid

9.  baby







Extra Bonus

1.  classify

2.  categorize

3.  repetition


Dictation Sentences

1. People should be civil to one another.

2. The clowns at the circus are funny.

3.  It was time for the baby to take a nap.

4.  We had to cancel our flights due to bad weather.

5.  Our classroom rules are very rigid.

6.  The police chief heads the department.

7.  the teachers had a brief meeting after school.


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A BIG Welcome to Students and Parents from Springville School.


Note update in Lunchroom Prices

       * Breakfast $1.35

       * Lunch       $2.25

       * Milk          $  .55