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Week at a Glance 


School Reminders:

May 25th / Walk to the Park / Pizza Party

June 5th / Water/Fun Day at DPS

June 6th / GIS Walk 8:30 a.m.


 Here's What We Are Working On:  Week of May 14, 2018


Reading Story : Unit 6 Lesson 4 / "Jingle Dancer"

Phonics Feature: Review /ow/ spelled ow and ou_; /aw/ spelled aw and au_

Grammar:  Review Contractions, Possessive Nouns, Pronouns, and Subject Verb Agreement

Math Skills:  Review 2nd grade skills 

Spelling Words

1.  tawny

2.  tower

3.  pause

4.  pounding

5.  shawl

6.  shower

7.  claw

8.  clown

9.  awe





Extra Bonus Words

1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 

 Practice Package:  *

                                 * - passwords taped in h.w.