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Week at a Glance 


Notes to Remember: 

Fourth Six Weeks Ends, February 25, 2019

Report Cards Home on March 6, 2019


Reading: Unit 4 Lesson 4 / "How the Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots "

Genre: Folktale

Feature: Prefixes mid- and mis-

Grammar: Antonyms/ Synonyms

Math Skills / Capacity


Spelling Words

1.  ouch

2.  hour

3.  now

4.  loud

5.  crowd

6.  down

7.  sound

8.  town

9.  howl






Extra Bonus

1.  folktale

2.  adapt


Dictation Sentences

1. Practice will last for an hour tonight.

2. Would you like to eat now or later?

3.  There was a huge crowd at the big game.

4.  The grocery store in town is open all night.

5.  We should play outside after school.

6.  I could not hear a sound while I was wearing


7.  I built a birdhouse for my woodworking project.


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A BIG Welcome to Students and Parents from Springville School.


Note update in Lunchroom Prices

       * Breakfast $1.35

       * Lunch       $2.25

       * Milk          $  .55