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Week at a Glance 


Notes to Remember: September 13th - Magnet or Then and Now Project Due

Shirts for fall leaf project are due by September 21st

Picture Day is September 18.

Thursday, September 27 is paint "fall" t-shirts

October 12th is Fall Festial.


Reading Story: Unit 1 Lesson 2 / "For the Love of Our Earth"

Genre: Rhyming Fiction

Feature: Long o spelled o and o_e; Long u spelled u and u_e

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns

Math Skills / Topic 2 / Addition Strategies

 Science/Social Studies: SOL 2.2 a,b Magnets SOL 2.3 Then and Now

Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect


Spelling Words

1.  menu

2.  nose

3.  most

4.  cure

5.  joke

6.  unit

7.  vote

8.  fuse

9.  soda






Extra Bonus

1.  rhyme

2.  summarize

3.  journal



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A BIG Welcome to Students and Parents from Springville School.


Note update in Lunchroom Prices

       * Breakfast $1.35

       * Lunch       $2.25

       * Milk          $  .55